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Our patented procedure makes it possible to provide and retrieve digital content easily and directly on site through a local network.
Whether it’s retail, events, local and long-distance transport, tourism, or meetings – with Wotspot®, you can provide easy access to information, without app installation, and Internet connectivity (without interference). In addition, our system is platform-independent, which allows all WLAN-enabled devices to access the WOSPOT® system and your data.


Simple – Fast – Safe

Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or notebook, WOTSPOT®, accomplished to its compatibility and ease-of-use on all devices. It makes it possible to introduce the user into a mobile and local world of experience: Interact with the users, respond to their requirements and increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Offers, promotions, navigation, information and advertising activities can be targeted and adapted to each user. WOTSPOT® is the ideal tool not only in the fields of target marketing, lead generation and conversion analysis, but also perfect for conferences, meetings and events. Use of WOTSPOT® , to provide your participants with all data and information directly on their mobile devices.


The WOTSPOT® system enables all users to exchange data locally between the server and the terminal device in high speed, regardless of the Internet and platform. As our system also operates in an independent network, it provides the highest level of protection against cyber-crime. With all of these criteria, WOTSPOT® creates a location-based service that brings great benefits and versatile application possibilities in mobile marketing and commerce.