Marketing for doctors
Simple – informative – effective

Wotspot® med is a practice-oriented WLAN for physicians in order to offer your patients a mobile response, a modern service as well as entertainment and to operate it easily in the waiting room which serves as a marketing.

We offer you everything you need for your practice marketing – in one system! Using the modern tools (smartphone) of your patients!
The Wotspot® WLAN system as a comprehensive marketing tool for
• Your external practice marketing
• Your internal quality management

Why not just “offer free internet”? ⇒ An open WLAN means cost, effort and liability without any benefit for you as a provider.

With Wotspot® med the WLAN service is  your advantage:

• Each log-in starts on the regular-practice landing page and automatically brings your news and benefits directly to the patients
• Provide patient feedback for your internal quality management and performance through fast and easy operation
• Evaluations on portals, e.g. Jameda ⇒ improved internet ranking
• Digital marketing increases your sales and provide additional benefits
• You will discover the most important interests of your patients

We offer you the complete service – everything from a single source:

• Install the Wotspot® hardware
• Create an individual presentation WEB page
• Embed your existing homepage
• Easy to use manual for you and your patients
• Update your content

Your advantages

• Your patients value the service they receive and the discreet nature of the provide information
• Provide trust and transparency through practical and professional information
• Use the waiting period of your patients for your practice marketing
• Provide easy, fast, and digital feedback on your performance. You get the final evaluation for your QM and save yourself and your employees
• A direct link to portals like Jameda makes the patient easy to evaluate, your ratings are growing rapidly
• “What are my patients most interested in?” You receive an anonymous evaluation and analysis of the digital trails

Requirements and technical characteristics

• Simple handling and operation without IT knowledge
• Login without app / software download
• With or without Internet connection is possible
• If desired, link to your website
• Powerful, state-of-the-art technology
• System-independent (Apple, Android, Windows)
• Presentation and advertising films possible (data rate up to 1,300Mbit / s)

Our system WOTSPOT® (Wireless Open Transmission SPOT) is based on a patent pending method for secure local data exchange in high speed.