With WOTSPOT® advertising appeals to the customers.

The customer is given the opportunity to interact – that is exciting – that attracts.

Offer location-based service at your point of interest and captivate your customer’s attention:

  • Connect yourself digitally with your customers
  • Take advantage of the possibilities of mobile marketing
  • You recognize the effect of your advertising campaign and implement this knowledge in the future

Without installing app or software on the end devices, platform-independent for all mobile devices.

Simple – Exciting – Entertaining

Interactive digital advertising with WOTSPOT® – Digital Signage

Berlin, May 2015: With the Walldecaux Group we realized a campaign for Adidas’ new sneaker Supercolor.

Many Passersby waiting at a bus shelter and log into a digital advertising poster with their smartphone and select one of 50 colors in their browser. According to their choice, the color of the sneaker changes on the poster (have a look in this Video)

Despite of bad weather, the campaign was a complete success:change in two weeks … passers-by … sometimes the color of … posters.

With our patent-pending WOTSPOT® system, it is easy to offer digital content locally via a local WLAN network. In order to retrieve these contents, the customer or passer-by needs to do nothing other than log in. No need to install new software or apps, or register anywhere. All interactions take place via the browser of its mobile terminal, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, because our system is independent of platforms. With WOTSPOT®, many users can access the data at the same time without any loss of speed during transmission. Even videos (such as Movie-film trailers) can be played smoothly. Also, almost all data formats are possible.

Therefore, WOTSPOT® is the ideal system for interactive digital outdoor advertising. It does not require any Internet connection – which also eliminates the problems with the interference and the unauthorized access of third parties. WOTSPOT® is simple, fast and safe.

Thus, completely new places for marketing campaigns can be opened up. Through the uncomplicated and spontaneous interaction of customers or passers-by with your advertising content, you can still develop completely different, innovative marketing concepts and thus stand out from your competitors.

We look forward to assist you in the technical realization of your innovative marketing ideas.

With WOTSPOT® you can

  • Interact with your customers
  • Advertising to make an experience
  • Completely new ways of customer engagement
  • Use Big Data for your marketing concept